Gridview Insert,Edit,Update and Delete in Asp.NET

In this article I will explain how to insert, edit, update and delete data in gridview using
I want display my table data in the gridview and add the data ,edit the data and delete the data using grid view control.The following grid view events I have used :
 1) Onrowcancelingedit
2) Onrowediting
3) Onrowupdating
4) Onrowcancelingedit
5) Onrowdeleting                     More ..

In this post I am going to explain how to read the appsettings in web.config file using
My application contains many pages and each page interacts with database to get data and display it on page for that I need to declare database connections in each page. After connection declaration in all pages suppose if server name or credentials of database has changed in that situation I need to modify database connections in all pages.  More ..

Dynamically creating a Data Table and Add Data to the Table,Binding data to grid View

In this article I will explain about  how to create a DataTable dynamically and  Add the Data to the Table, Binding data to grid View.
To Implement this We need to follow the following steps.
Create a new project and add the new page “DynDataTablebind.aspx” and paste the following Html code in aspx page :  More ...

Converting Data Tableto HTML Table and Displaying on the Aspx page

Suppose If I have Table called Employee in my database if I Want to add this table dynamically to this my aspx page using C# code. This post will explain this.
To achieve this the following 3 steps you need to do:
1)    Retrieve the desired table you want to load dynamically in to data Table.
2)    Convert the data table in to Html Table
3)    Display it on the Aspx page.

Export Grid view Data to PDf file 

In we don’t  have the direct feature export to pdf  from grid view that is the reason we will use the third party tool Itext sharp reference to export the pdf file.First we need to download the dll from ITextSharp . Once you download is completed go to the solution explorer and right click the reference and add the Itext dll as a reference. More ..

Popup Login control in  ASP.NET  Using Div and CSS

In this am going to explain the Popup login in using Div and CSS.
Open Visual studio 2010 or 2008 and create a new website and create new webpage say Popuplogin.aspx. Paste the following html code. More..

 Binding the Data from Array elements in to ASP.NET Grid view

 An array is a variable that holds multiple values of the same type.In arrays we have different types

 1) Single dimensional array 

 2) Two dimensional array

 3) Multi dimensional array . This Article explains How to read the data from Array and how to bind it to the Grid View . Read More ..