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Array sorting in C# 

Array : An array is a data structure that contains a number of variables of the same type.
Arrays are declared with a type: Datatype[] arrayName;
Example : int[] array1 = new int[5];
This example shows how to sort arrays in C#. Array can be sorted using static method Array.Sort which internally use Quicksort algorithm. More..

Enum in C#

An enumeration type (also named an enumeration or an enum) provides an efficient way to define a set of named integral constants that may be assigned to a variable.
An enumeration type is a distinct type with named constants. Every enumeration type has an underlying type, which can be either byte, short, int, or long. Enumeration types are defined through enumeration declarations An enum type declaration defines a type name for a related group of symbolic constants. The body of an enum type declaration defines zero or more enum members, which are the named constants of the enum type. No two enum members can have the same name. An enum declaration can not contain declarations of methods, properties, events, operators, or types. More ...

In this post I am going to explain about the How to create a “Stored procedure with output variable” and How to use this kind of stored procedures in the c#.
Let us create a sample table called Tbl_Employee with the following Data More..

Now am going to explain reading all file name in the directory and save the file name in a xml format .To read the file names in a directory is a file system task so include using System.IO; name space to your console application.
 Get files from directory
To get all file names in the directory use the Method Directory.GetFiles returns string array with files names.
 Syntax :
String[] files = Directory.GetFiles(“<filepath>”); More ..

 Creating a Private Assembly

Assembly is a collection of class modules presented as a single DLL or EXE file. Even though EXE files can also be called assemblies, most of the time we talk about libraries if we use this word. Assemblies are very similar to Java Archives (JAR).
Physically, assemblies are files located somewhere on disk and are per definition so-called Portable Executable (PE). Assemblies are loaded on demand. They are not loaded if not needed. More ..

 Delegate in C#
Delegate in C# is similar to a function pointer in C++.A delegate is a type that references a method. Delegate is an object that can refer to a method.
When we are creating delegates, we are creating an object that can hold a reference to a method; it necessarily means that a delegate can invoke the method to which it refers. For declaring a delegate we are using keyword “delegate”. More ..

Lock KeyWord in C#:
Lock is a keyword which blocks or restricts the code from being executed by more than one thread at same time. lock keyword marks a statement block as a critical section by obtaining the mutual-exclusion lock for a given object, executing a statement, and then releasing the lock. More ..

Dictionaryin c# :

Dictionary in the c# used to represent a collection of keys and values pair of data.It allows you define the keys and values of any type.It belongs to the generic collection group in c# . The Dictionary type in the C# language provides very fast lookups with keys to get values.More ..

 UnSafe KeyWord in C#

Pointer : Pointer is a variable which holds the address of another variable i.e; which is not hold the direct value it holds address of the variable.
Pointers in c# is achieved by using the Unsafe keyword. Unsafe code is code which does not executed under the full management of common language runtime (CLR).Unsafe code is also called as Unmanaged code because it is not execute under the full management of CLR. More ..